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Your Partner in Care: Human Capital Management Solutions

Quality of care in the healthcare setting.  It’s the goal that all healthcare systems reach for.  It seems hard to understand how the right Workforce Management Solution can help increase quality of care, but when you take a closer look at the benefits that the right solution can provide, it’s harder to understand why you haven’t implemented it sooner.

With Paytime’s Workforce Management Solution, we can help control labor costs, minimize compliance risks, improve workforce productivity, and deliver quality, cost-effective care by providing:

  • Advanced staffing and scheduling helps to balance workforce management across your entire organization
  • Instant visibility with Labor Analytics controls labor costs and allows organizations to make fact-based decisions
  • Mobile Management supports paperless workflow and employee self-service for your on-the-go workforce.

 Adding a Workforce Management Solution to your business can help solve critical business issues such as:

  • Controlling Labor Costs  
    • Eliminating payroll error and time abuse
    • Streamlining or eliminating administrative tasks by over 50%
    • Reducing overtime
  • Minimizing Compliance Risks
    • Comply with State & Local labor laws
    • Enforce Collective Bargaining Agreements
    • Reduce Absenteeism
  • Improving Productivity
    • Balance schedules easily
    • Respond to changing acuity and census
    • Easily respond to last minute staffing changes
  • Delivering Quality of Care
    • Use Big Data to establish relationship between staffing and outcomes; improve staffing to improve outcomes.
    • Understand the value of the workforce

Simply put, implementing a Workforce Management Solution for your Healthcare system can help empower your employees and, in the end, play an integral role in delivering the best patient care possible.

Posted October 2020 – Copyright 2020

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