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Hiring Made Easier with Electronic Onboarding

We know how many resources you dedicate to each new employee hired. With Paytime Payroll, we help you streamline your onboarding process with easy-to-use, secure electronic features that make onboarding simple. 

For small and medium-sized businesses who need a simple onboarding solution, our Paytime Payroll services include everything you need to go paperless for the first time or switch to a more reliable electronic solution that makes onboarding easy and painless. Features include:

  • Give employee access to signature forms
  • Directly upload signed documents
  • Complete onboarding tasks faster than paper
  • Strict admin-only access areas
  • Individual employee log-ins with limited visibility
  • Enterprise-level data security built-in
  • Maintain an electronic history of onboarding data
  • Easily search and access employee files
  • Large file storage without the need for paper

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Electronic onboarding that’s both easy to use and secure is now here. Whether you’re ready to upgrade from paper to electronic onboarding or make a switch to a system that’s truly simple and effective, we’re here and ready to help you streamline onboarding as your team grows.

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