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Ongoing Support

Once you’re up and running on Paytime’s systems, we provide the kind of personal, responsive support that you need to maximize your business’ success. With a personal, dedicated account manager as your liaison to our team, you’ll have easy access to expert advice, training, and more.

We’ll touch base often and reply quickly when you need help. We’ll answer questions about a variety of subjects, from tax withholding rates to software workflows, to hires and fires, and beyond. We’ll make it easy to manage your business by providing the kind of personal support that other payroll and workforce management software providers just can’t match.

Just a few of the ways we provide ongoing support to our clients include the following.

  • Employee Information Updates
  • Onboarding & Offboarding
  • Tax Change Management
  • Benefit Withholding Updates
  • Software Support
  • Time Clock Support
  • Electronic Workflow Creation
  • Software Configuration
  • Solutions Recommendations
  • Help Desk
  • Training
  • Answering Questions
  • And More

Thanks to your dedicated account manager, we’ll make managing the day-to-day of payroll, tax and compliance issues easy. We’ll help make your HR department more productive, and we’ll be a partner that you can count on to respond quickly and personally to each and every request.

Ready For Personal, Responsive Support?

Contact us today to learn more about how we can be a payroll and HR solutions partner you can count on for personal, responsive support. We look forward to learning about your business and suggesting ways Paytime can help.

Personalized Payroll & HR Solutions That Keep Your Business Growing Strong

We believe that payroll and HR solutions should be smart, simple and work together as one. From straightforward payroll services, to scheduling and timekeeping to a full human capital management suite, Paytime offers the tools, insights and personalized support to help you manage your workforce and power your business.

From needs analysis to implementation to ongoing support, we’re always by your side. If you’re looking for a payroll provider who can help power your business forward, book a needs analysis meeting with us today!

We look forward to learning about your business and discussing ways that Paytime can help!

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