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Applicant Tracking Simplified

Well before a job offer is made and a new employee accepts, we know that a lot of your team’s time and energy goes into the hiring process. Once a job is posted and resumes start flooding your desk, having an efficient applicant tracking process in place will help you find and manage the right applicants. 

Creating efficiencies in your hiring process starts with getting resumes off your desk and out of your email, and getting them into an HR solution with applicant tracking capabilities. With Paytime Plus, you’ll save time and hassle by electronically tracking applicants as they move through the hiring process. Just some of the features offered in our solution include:

  • Applicants directly submit resumes via your website
  • File electronic resumes in one place
  • Easily share resumes with your team without leaving the system
  • Create your own hiring workflows within the system
  • Keep the hiring process moving by automatically triggering next steps
  • Maintain visibility and accountability every step of the way
  • Track and manage applicants through your hiring process
  • Assign hiring tasks and due dates to employees
  • Easily transfer applicant information to employment history upon hire
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Once an applicant is hired, their information is transferred to employee status with the click of a button. That click triggers your automated onboarding process to begin. Simple, fast, efficient.

Managing your workforce has never been easier. And, with Paytime Plus, the hiring process is now simplified and organized with digital files and a streamlined process so you can worry less about paperwork and more about finding the best candidate for the job.

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