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Automate Tax Filing & Make Next Tax Season a Breeze

Paytime Payroll makes tax preparation simple and painless. With just a few clicks, forms are created, reports are run and payments are made directly to Federal, State and local governments. For small to medium business with straightforward payables, our basic tax filing service will save you time and make tax season a breeze.

Paytime Payroll’s tax filing system covers all of your bases, including:

  • Instantly generate W2s, 1099s & other tax forms
  • Customize filters based on hire & fire dates
  • Streamline your past & current staff tax workflow
  • File quarterly taxes quickly & securely
  • Create deadline reminders
  • Directly submit forms & amounts due with a click
  • Easily calculate all payments due
  • Directly pay Federal, State, Local & LST Taxes
  • Generate tax history should you be audited

Simplifying tax filings with a system directly connected to payroll will save you the time, money, and hassle of manually reporting, filing and making payments come tax season.

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