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Increased HR Productivity & Efficiency

Increased HR Productivity & Efficiency

We know you’re busy, and in today’s fast-paced business environment we believe that your payroll and HR services provider should make your life easier – not harder. Many of our clients find that by working with Paytime, they can streamline their workflows for maximum efficiency, freeing up time to focus on work that will provide the highest return on their efforts.

From simply making the payroll process easy to more complex process improvement and system implementation, our team can help your business increase productivity and maximize profitability. Read on for a few important ways we can help.

  • Simple, Accurate Payroll
    When you trust that payroll will process correctly, you’ll have more time to focus on other tasks. Plus, we’ll handle tax compliance issues, benefits withholding, time-off tracking and more – taking the busy work out of payday.
  • Paperless Filing
    With our cloud-based portal, we can eliminate the dreaded payroll paper trail. Employees can access pay stubs, managers can access schedules and time information, and team member data is accessible 24/7 online – without having to request a report from HR.
  • Process Automation
    From new hire to ready to retire, our workforce management software can streamline hiring, onboarding, employee training, management, and a variety of other time-consuming tasks. This can quickly free you from busywork, and give you the time you need to work on your business strategically.
  • Information Sharing & Visibility
    With our online employee management portal, the necessary information on each team member is easily accessible to supervisors, management, and executive leadership. From pay rates to schedules to training history and beyond, when your team has the information they need at their fingertips, you’ll have more time to make a positive difference on your bottom line.

Increased HR Productivity & Efficiency


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If you’re looking for tools to help make your HR department more efficient, contact us today. With a variety of services including time and labor management, the latest workforce management software, and other tools at our disposal, we’ll help you manage the entire employee lifecycle for maximum success.

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