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Philadelphia Paid Leave Law for COVID-19

Philadelphia has enacted a new law that requires employers to provide paid time off for COVID-19 purposes. The law applies to employers with at least 25 employees, and it took effect on March 9, 2022.

Covered Employees

The law covers employees who:

  • Work in Philadelphia;
  • Normally work in Philadelphia but currently telework from any other location as a result of COVID-19; or
  • Work from multiple locations or from mobile locations provided that 51% or more of their time is in Philadelphia.

There is no waiting period or accrual requirement for leave.

Permitted Purposes for COVID-19 Leave 

Leave must be allowed for specified COVID-19 reasons relating to an employee’s (or their family members’) exposure to, symptoms of or diagnosis with COVID-19. Leave must also be permitted to care for a child whose school or child care is unavailable due to COVID-19 precautions, and for employees’ COVID-19 vaccination and recovery.

Amount of Required COVID-19 Leave

Employees who work 40 or more hours weekly must be given 40 hours of leave. Other workers receive an amount equal to their average scheduled or actual hours for a seven-day period. Employer policies that provide an equal amount of additional paid time specifically for COVID-19, or 120 hours of paid time off that can be used for the COVID-19 reasons required by the COVID-19 leave law, will satisfy the requirement. Special rules apply for teleworking employees.

Philadelphia Paid Leave Posting Requirements 

Employers must provide a workplace notice of the law 15 days after its enactment. A suggested Pandemic Paid Sick Leave Notice Poster has been provided by the city of Philadelphia.

Managing Philadelphia Paid Leave

Utilizing time and attendance software or leave management system like the one in the TeamSuite platform from Paytime, allow companies to manage accrued time off, maintain time off balances, and provide an easy way for employees to request time off and managers or administrators to manage absence.  

Pennsylvania Employee Handbook Webinar

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