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Applicant Tracking & Electronic Onboarding Mean You Can Check Hiring Off Your List

We know how time-consuming the hiring process can be for HR departments. You need ways to streamline hiring so you can quickly get the right applicants on track, weed out resumes that are not a fit, and get the right person onboarded faster. The key to all of this? An efficient and intuitive applicant tracking and electronic onboarding process. 

The applicant tracking feature within Paytime Premier gets resumes and applications off your desk, out of your email, and into a robust applicant tracking solution. Then, once you’ve hired the best candidate for the job, we help you getting them onboarded fast.

Just some of the features solution include:

  • Applicants directly submit resumes via your website
  • File electronic resumes in one place
  • Easily share resumes with your team without leaving the system
  • Create your own hiring workflows within the system
  • Keep the hiring process moving by automatically triggering next steps
  • Maintain visibility and accountability every step of the way
  • Track and manage applicants through your hiring process
  • Assign hiring tasks and due dates to employees
  • Easily transfer applicant information to employment history upon hire

With the click of a few buttons, hired applicants are instantly transferred to employment status. And, with fine-tuned workflows created with the support of your personal and dedicated Paytime account manager, the onboarding process immediately kicks off automatically triggering those within the organization who need to be involved without you and your team having to lift a finger.

With Paytime Premier, the hiring process just became easier, faster and one more to-do checked off your list.

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