About Us

Mission, history and values.

Who are we?

Our Mission


The mission of Paytime, Inc. is to provide workforce management solutions and related products and services to our customers at a competitive cost while delivering the highest level of customer service possible and serving as an integral resource to each and every one of our clients.

Our Customer Service


Unbeatable customer service comes from building a smart, happy staff. Our Account Managers and tax specialists are prepared to handle questions to help you keep moving forward. Many on our staff hold multiple certifications and demonstrate proven knowledge of the industry and our growing line of products which enables them to provide fast, accurate information to our customers. Each client is assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will be there to answer questions.

Our History


Paytime Harrisburg was founded in October of 1992 by president, Nathan Patterson and a fellow colleague in Baltimore, MD. Like many entrepreneurs, Patterson dreamed of operating his own company for many years. He began his career in the early 80’s in data processing and software development in a mainframe environment and it was through these experiences and the knowledge acquired that inspired him and his then partner to develop PC based software that could mimic a main frame system without all the overhead. A true startup company, Paytime Harrisburg did not have a single client in Pennsylvania at its inception, but that did not stop them from pushing forward. Patterson and his partner recognized a need in the marketplace and sought out to compete with the national firms by focusing on customer service as his top priority. He knew that what the large national providers lacked was exactly what he could deliver: a competitive product at a lower cost with unprecedented personal attention and customer service that still holds true to this day.

Patterson credits his father and his then partner as his inspiration for founding Paytime Harrisburg, but it was his father’s influence that has guided his management of the company from startup to thriving business. A veteran of World War II and an entrepreneur himself, his father instilled in him from a young age the dream to own his own company as well as the traits necessary to be successful. “My father is my inspiration,” says Patterson. “He was the epitome of the “Greatest Generation” – generous, intelligent, and honest. I only hope I can be half the man he was.” The lessons learned by Patterson through his father’s mentoring have served him well and are readily apparent in the operations of Paytime.

Over the years, Paytime has evolved from a small startup company to a large, successful, privately held company that services accounts across the nation. Paytime continues to grow today, processing payrolls for well over a thousand clients. Through all of the changes that have occurred during our time in business, the one thing that has never wavered is our commitment to our customers. We continue to be grounded in our core principal to deliver an outstanding product with the highest level of customer service that we can possibly deliver.

Our Values


At Paytime we value the power of Supporting Each Other. We understand the importance of communication and seek to communicate openly and effectively with each other. We will strive to be respectful and courteous to each other in every interaction. We are dedicated to each other and the organization as a whole. Although we are not all alike we are accepting of each other.

At Paytime we Focus on Our Clients. We appreciate each and every one of our clients and serve to be a trusted resource to them. We will make every effort to be patient and understanding with our clients. We pride ourselves on being professional in all communications and interactions. We are engaged with our clients and are committed to responding to client requests and communications as timely as possible.

We Stand with Integrity in all that we do. Our promise is to always be honest. We strive to be as accurate as humanly possible. However, if we make a mistake we will be forthcoming and report errors as soon as possible while immediately taking steps to rectify the issue.

As a company we are committed to Giving Back to Our Community. We pride ourselves on being a generous organization. We seek to help others as much as we possibly can. We encourage our employees to be supportive of the communities in which they live.

Proud members of the payroll and human resources community.

Proud members of the payroll and HR community

Our Staff – Photo coming soon

Our approach is simple; we strive to deliver the best workforce management solutions in the market and combine that with the highest level of customer service possible. When in doubt, you can always turn to your dedicated service representative.

Our team is dedicated to your business